Delicia & Toast'em

Why settle for the mundane when you can have the extraordinary with Delicia’s range of delicious and flavourful loaves? Made with delectable ingredients, every toasted slice will surprise your senses. Experience goodness amplified with Delicia today!

<p>Gardenia Delicia Butterscotch</p>

Gardenia Delicia Butterscotch

Savour the buttery, creamy taste of butterscotch in every slice.

Price: 360g at RM5.00

<p>Gardenia Delicia Choco Raisin</p>

Gardenia Delicia Choco Raisin

Taste the richness of chocolate complementing the gentle sweetness of raisins in this toasted favourite.

Price: 360g at RM5.00

<p>Gardenia Delicia Raspberry Milk &amp; Cranberries</p>

Gardenia Delicia Raspberry Milk & Cranberries

Enjoy the benefits of these super fruits coupled with the nutrition of milk.

Price: 360g at RM5.00

<p>Toast'em Butter Raisin</p>

Toast'em Butter Raisin

Raisins are rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Top that with the yummy goodness of butter! Tastes even better when toasted.

Price: 360g at RM5.00

<p>Toast&rsquo;em Pandan Coconut</p>

Toast’em Pandan Coconut

Let the aromatic Pandan essence, flavourful coconut and delightful hints of Gula Melaka tempt all your senses with the great taste of luxury.

Price: 360g at RM5.00