Muffin Supreme

An extravagant indulgence to reward your day. Lavishly made with super ingredients such as walnuts, bananas, and chunky chocolate, these supreme muffins will truly make your day.

<p>Gardenia Muffin Supreme Banana &amp; Walnut</p>

Gardenia Muffin Supreme Banana & Walnut

Go bananas with the distinctive taste of banana and the crunchy, nutty bite of walnuts.

Price: 68g at RM1.50

<p>Gardenia Muffin Supreme Chunky Chocolate &amp; Walnut</p>

Gardenia Muffin Supreme Chunky Chocolate & Walnut

An incredible combination of chunky chocolate and walnut makes this everyone’s favourite.

Price: 68g at RM1.50

<p>Gardenia QuickBites Double Choc Muffin</p>

Gardenia QuickBites Double Choc Muffin

A muffin sprinkled generously with rich chocolate chips is hard to resist. Don’t fight it!

Price: 70g at RM2.00