Larger pack, economical for the entire family

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 MARCH 2021 – Following the successful launch of NuMee, Gardenia’s pasteurized yellow noodle in May 2019, Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd, officially launched NuMee Keluarga, family pack of high quality yellow noodle that is more economical and affordable.

NuMee Keluarga is another quality product from Gardenia, aimed for larger families. Each pack weights 900g sufficiently serve up to 6 - 9 adults.

“The pandemic has affected many families, mothers are more discerning and they want to choose a better quality product that is affordable. We recognize this impact and created a product that provide an economical option that will give mothers a peace of mind”, said Ena Suhaila Abas, Marketing Manager of Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn. Bhd.

NuMee Keluarga (900g) is non-pasteurized and made from high quality ingredient, with no colouring and more chewy taste. “Gardenia is committed to delivering quality freshness to all level of consumers and NuMee Keluarga is apt for the B40 families”, Ena further explained.

Mothers have been using yellow noodles as an exciting alternative to the common daily rice meals. NuMee Keluarga embrace this idea and promotes family bonding over a hearty bowl, be it as a main meal or in between. “Food is the universal language of love and Malaysian moms is always seeking a creative option to bring the family around the table. It can be daunting to cook something creative yet affordable. NuMee Keluarga provides inspiration to Malaysian moms”, Ena added.

NuMee Keluarga was officially launched on 5th March 2021 and today we are distributing our NuMee’s signature fried noodle, themed NuMee OMG (Oh Mee Goreng) at Pusat Transit Gelandangan Kuala Lumpur and B40 residents of Desa Rejang flats. This campaign is part of Gardenia’s CSR campaign called #NuMeeCares.

Gardenia CSR campaign truly embodies the spirit of family unity by sharing NuMee Keluarga, and spreading the goodness with the less unfortunate and those impacted by the pandemic.

Apart from providing a better option for Malaysian moms, NuMee Keluarga is also a suitable choice for caterers and restaurant operators alike. Gardenia is collaborating with TukTuk Catering, to serve the delicious goodness of NuMee Keluarga through online meal-order service. Tuk Tuk will be delivering yellow noodles dishes through their online shop:, Facebook Store, Foodpanda and Tedboy. Featuring 6 specialty dishes; NuMee OMG (Oh Mee Goreng), NuMee Rebus, NuMee Rojak Mee, NuMee Curry Mee, NuMee Mee Mamak and NuMee Jawa, consumers can now enjoy delicious goodness of NuMee Gardenia without hassle. The collaboration that runs for the next 6 months will feature exciting contests, where consumers stand a chance to have any one of the specialty dishes delivered for free to their doorstep.

NuMee Keluarga is retailed at RM2.50 per packet and is available at selected outlets across Peninsular Malaysia in supermarkets and grocery stores. Find out more about NuMee Gardenia at or on NuMee’s social media platforms: Facebook (@numeegardeniaofficial) and Instagram (@numeegardenia_official).