NuMee Gardenia

A better and healthier version of Malaysia’s favourite and staple yellow noodle - NuMee unites family members who enjoy a great noodle dish be it stir fried or with a soup base. Made with great care, this yellow noodle is made with no colouring. The natural yellow colour is achieved through a natural process when flour and salt are combined - making the ONLY brand with reduced taste and smell of alkaline without the use of Boric Acid!

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<p>NuMee 450g</p>

NuMee 450g

Malaysia’s first pasteurised yellow noodle made with high quality ingredients. It undergoes a pasteurisation process making it longer-lasting, clean, safe and ready to cook. NuMee 450g is perfect for your delicious everyday meals.

Price: 450g at RM1.70

<p>NuMee Keluarga 900g</p>

NuMee Keluarga 900g

NuMee Keluarga is a non-pasteurised noodle that gives you an economical option, suitable for a big family and even for catering purposes.

Price: 900g at RM2.50

<p>NuMee Keluarga 380g</p>

NuMee Keluarga 380g

NuMee Keluarga is now available in a smaller packaging that is also more affordable. The new NuMee Keluarga 380g is perfect for individuals or small families.

Price: 380g at RM1.10