Fluffy Buns

Imagine biting into clouds! Gardenia’s super soft Fluffy Buns are exactly that! Each variant comes in a six-clustered bun pack. Perfect for sharing with your loved ones or even enjoying it all by yourself!

<p>Adzuki Red Bean</p>

Adzuki Red Bean

Japanese Adzuki Red Bean is just unlike any other bean with its rich tasting flavour sealed within the soft and fluffy clustered-bun of 6.

Price: 280g at RM 3.70

<p>Malty Chocolate</p>

Malty Chocolate

Malty chocolaty galore, a delicious combination with the soft & fluffy clustered-bun for the chocolate lover out there.

Price: 280g at RM 3.70

<p>Corn Custard</p>

Corn Custard

The rich mouth-watering custard topped with corn bits nestled within this soft clustered-bun of 6. It’s beyond what words can describe!

Price: 280g at RM 3.70