Peckish and need a quick pick-me-up? Free the happy in you with Gardenia’s Quick Bites. Oozing with sweet and yummy goodness in every bite that’s sure to bring out the inner joy within you!

<p>QuickBites Vanilla Cream Roll</p>

QuickBites Vanilla Cream Roll

Creamy fragrant vanilla for the instant happy boost.

Price: 50g at RM1.00

<p>QuickBites Corn Cream Roll</p>

QuickBites Corn Cream Roll

Savour the sweet tasting corn cream that instantly melts in your mouth and carves a smile on your face.

Price: 50g at RM1.00

<p>QuickBites Chocolate Cream Roll</p>

QuickBites Chocolate Cream Roll

Chocolate! Need we say more...

Price: 50g at RM1.00

<p>QuickBites Butter Sugar Cream Roll</p>

QuickBites Butter Sugar Cream Roll

Let the pinnacle of what the good old days tasted like instantly transport you to your happy place.

Price: 50g at RM1.00

<p>QuickBites Butter Toffee Soft Roll</p>

QuickBites Butter Toffee Soft Roll

The buttery yet rich creamy taste of toffee that would carve a smile filled with gratification.

Price: 50g at RM1.20

<p>QuickBites Red Bean Bun</p>

QuickBites Red Bean Bun

A classic Asian variant with an elevated twist, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Perfect for you...me...and everybody!

Price: 50g at RM1.20

<p>QuickBites Gold Black Forest Cream Roll</p>

QuickBites Gold Black Forest Cream Roll

An exquisite variant filled with rich creamy flavours of black forest. A delectable treat that’s sure to free the happy in you!

Price: 60g at RM1.50

<p>QuickBites Gold Salted Caramel Cream Roll</p>

QuickBites Gold Salted Caramel Cream Roll

This premium variant is the perfect combination of sweet and saltiness. One bite and you’ll be transported to your happy place.

Price: 60g at RM1.50