Roll-Up Wraps

This is your chance to unleash your creativity! Gardenia’s Roll-Up Wraps are great with anything. Just add your choice of protein, light veggies, fruits or even chocolaty fillings, the options are endless! Unfold the possibilities with the easy-to-prepare soft wraps. The sky’s the limit!

Comes in convenient and re-sealable bags to keep our  Roll-Up Wraps fresh and soft even after opening. Each pack contains five pieces of soft wraps.

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The possibilities for great bold tastes are endless with our classic.

Price: 225g at RM4.90



Get healthier with this wholegrain wrap - nature’s finest nutrients at its best.

Price: 225g at RM4.90



Ever so aromatic and fragrant with garlic bits to bring you that extra ummph!

Price: 225g at RM4.90