It is an understatement when we say all Malaysians love their food with a little zing of spiciness. That is what inspired the birth of Malaysia’s favourite savoury buns range delivering Beyond Satisfaction in a Bite.

Sememangnya Puazz!

<p>Sambal Bilis</p>

Sambal Bilis

Our beloved Sambal Bilis is known for having the perfect blend of spicy and sweet! Perfect for moments when you are looking for something savoury yet convenient.

Price: 60g at RM1.30

<p>Sambal Mackerel</p>

Sambal Mackerel

The exquisite combination of spices with the right amount of heat which truly represents the mind -blowing taste of our Sambal Mackerel filling. Beyond Satisfaction in a bite!

Price: 90g at RM2.20

<p>Kari Ayam</p>

Kari Ayam

Craving for savoury satisfaction? The taste of our Curried Chicken filling made to perfection is just so good. It is definitely as its tagline claims; Sememangnya Puazz!

Price: 90g at RM2.20